ECG PATIENT CABLE 3.5 m – snap – universal compatibility

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• Leads: Snap
• Cable length (Length from connector to yoke): 3.5 m

• ASPEL: All models with Dsub connector 15 pins and screws
• BIONET: Cardiocare 2000, Cardiotouch 3000, Cardio 7, Cardio 7_S, Cardiocare 3000_S
• BTL: BTL-08 L, M, S series, CardioPoint-ECG C300 and C600, CardioPoint-ERGO C300 and C600
• GIMA: Cardiopocket, Smart SE-1, -3, -6, -12 Express, Gimaplay 1, Cardiogima 1M, 3M, 6M, 12, 12M, Colour ECG, PC-ECG 33320, 33321; Acquisition box series MGY. All models with Dsub connector 15 pins
• INNOMED: Heart Mirror & Heart Screen series. Cardio PC/E
• M4MEDICAL: M-trace PC, EX, 5.7″, mini
• MACQUAIRE: CT-100, -200, -200i, -200CV
• MEDICAL ECONET: Cardio-M, Cardio-M plus, Cardio-MPC, Cardio E3
• MORETTI DIMED: Pc-ecg Seiva and all models with Dsub connector 15 pins
• PROGETTI: MyECG, PG ECG and all models with Dsub connector 15 pins
• SPACELABS: CardioDirect C012 US8, CD12-S USB; Cardiotrack 12, Cardiocollect, Voyager V6, V12
• SPENGLER: Cardiomate 3, Cardiomate 6, Cardiomate 12

Compatible patient cables for electrocardiography and exercise stress tests.
In order to ensure the patient’s safety under any circumstance, we have supplied all our cables with an independent defibrillation protection.
Quality is ensured by the design, the manufacturing process and the final tests performed through computerised workstations.

Standard cable length 2.2 m (from connector to yoke), chest leads 0.76 m, limb leads 1.2 m.
Few cables with 3.5 m length to improve usability in exercise stress tests.
Multilingual instructions: GB, FR, IT, ES, PT, DE, GR, RO.

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