PRIMEDIC HEART SAVE PAD – Defibrillator with lithium battery – Other languages

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HeartSave PAD
– With Lithium battery (140 discharges at @360J) 3 years standby
– Other Languages. We can provide following languages (voice + manual): ES, PT, GR, DK, FI, CZ, PL, DE, SE BG, RU, TR, AE, IR, BR, HU, TH, JP, RO, SI, IL. Only voice: MK, HR, FI, NL, LT, IS, IL, KT, TR, IR, BR, JP. Only manual: NO.

PRIMEDIC HeartSave product range is easy to operate and offers fast operation.
Clear voice prompts guide first aiders through the rescue procedure.

• Current controlled defibrillation – CCD
CCD biphasic technology delivers peak-free current defibrillation on the patient‘s heart muscle through its individualized, gentle, effective and current-controlled defibrillation pulse. Featuring an escalating defibrillation strategy, HeartSave is impedance compensated and capable of a maximum energy of 360J.

• Effective workflow
HeartSave is designed to help first aiders delivering the most effective life support. Through its advanced workflow, HeartSave supports the rescuer in minimizing the perischok pause as well as no-flow fraction.

• Pediatric mode
At a touch of a button the paediatric mode can be promptly selected. No need of dedicated paediatric electrodes and extreme ease of use result in optimized costs of maintenance and prompt operation.

• Fast
The device turns on automatically as soon as the cover has been opened and rhythm analysis starts immediately as the pre-connected electrodes are attached to the patient. All needed accessories (razor, breathing mask, scissors and gloves) are included in the cover.

• Status display
Active status display provides comprehensive information on the device‘s operating status and battery status (daily and mounthly self-tests).

Automatic external defibrillator with 3 years life in standby mode non rechargeable lithium battery.

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