RESCUE LIFE 7 AED DEFIBRILLATOR with SpO2, Pacemaker – Other languages

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Rescue Life is an external defibrillator with monitor. It is designed to be used by out-of-hospital and hospital users.
Lightweight, transport facility, attractive line, ergonomic shape, studied in every details. It is a complete acute cardiac care response system designed for Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Life Support (ALS) patient management protocols.
The IPX4 standard permits the operation under adverse climatic situations.

Rescue Life is totally MADE IN ITALY.

SpO2 and pacemaker
Range includes models with pacemaker and SpO2. ECG module for monitoring (not for diagnosis) includes up to 12 derivations standard 5 leads patient cable (for I, II, III, aVL, aVR, aVF) or optional 10 leads patient cable (for 12 derivations).

The NIBP option is focused on advantage A+ module of SunTech Medical that provides the highest NIBP performance during movements. Suitable for adult, pediatric and neonatal.

High contrast TFT LCD colour display 5.7″” or 7″” (Rescue Life 7)
Bright, high contrast, wide-angle colour display for simultaneous view of up to 3 ECG channels

Data management
The memory is based on a flash disk of 4 GB for 300 recorded hours for all AED models

Asynchronous and synchronous
– in asynchronous defibrillation, Rescue is advised on patients with the following symptoms: unconsciousness, absence of normal breathing and lack of detectable pulse.
– in synchronous defibrillation, Rescue Life is advised on patients with ECG’s reporting Atrial Fibrillation.

3 operation modes: manual, AED, Advisory
– in manual mode RESCUE LIFE is intended for use by doctors and trained individuals. Only 3 steps: energy selection from 1 to 230J, energy charge and shock.
– in AED mode, RESCUE LIFE is intended for use by personnel authorized by a physician or medical director. The voice prompts and display messages are assisting the operator during CPR operations, charging automatically to 150J when a shock-able ECG rhythm is detected.
– in advisory Mode, the system alerts when the shock is necessary leaving the energy level and charging choice to the operator.

Initialising and system test at switching on of the device.
Auto test and fault recognition.

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