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• Model: BASE + AED + TEMP
• Language: Italian

Designed for an out-of hospital and hospital use.
Lightweight, ergonomic, attractive and robust portable device. Rescue Life 9 provides complete monitoring of parameters like 12 channels ECG, HR, SpO2, NIBP, Temperature and EtCO2. Synchronized cardioversion and external pacemaker in fixed or demand mode. Three operating modes: manual, AED, Advisory. Capnography waveform. Auto-test mode verifies device functions, battery status and charge-discharge system with real time data management and report printing. The IPX4 permits operations under adverse climatic situations.

Temperature (standard) and EtCO2 (optional)
It includes: temperature and EtCO2configuration.
Optional EtCO2 module can be added anytime.

Dual battery: one included, one optional
The powerful battery is up to 5 hours continuous monitoring. Second battery improves working time operation to 10 hours and avoid process disruption. Batteries can be easily replaced by the operator.

High resolution TFT LCD colour 8.4’’ display Intelligent Operator Support
Display shows visual messages, different colours for each function, clear voice support during difficult situations and simple menu with dedicated functions keys.

ECG Analysis in two modes
ECG signal can be filtered through diagnostic mode, which collects ECG traces for qualified personnel interpretation and diagnosis; monitoring mode, which removes noises caused by patient’s movements or body physiological process.

AED & Advisory mode
AED mode: operators are supported by voices and messages in CPR and shock release. Advisory mode automatically and continuously analyzes ECG rhythm and the connection of cable and pads on patient, and tells if the shock is necessary.

Memory and Data Management + Software
Recorded ECG data and events can be transferred and managed on PC through a software which can be freely downloaded.

Other features:
– alarms for each single function
– automatic report before and after the shock release
– ergonomic reusable pads for manual defibrillation, disposable pads for AED defibrillation.

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