WORKTOP 206 cm – left washbasin

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Mobile space is a programme of safe and ergonomic technical furniture for medical, physiotherapy and professional beauty use.

These units feature wheels and offer the same levels of functionality as trolleys. The visible edges are radiating and covered in shockproof material. The steel handles provide good grip without dangerous edges.

Stability is optimised by the inner and outer sides, the extra-thick backs and invisible wheel positioning. The steel runners of the drawers with rocker arm closing ensure smooth opening while preventing undesired opening during transport.

The independent worktop makes it possible to fully pull out the units for easier floor cleaning and position the trolleys according to need.

It is available with or without washbasin (left or right). The broad choice of unit configurations and colour range make it possible to personalise interiors according to individual requirements.

Made in Italy.

Covered in shock-proof material.
Easy removal by front pull handle.
Invisible wheels.

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